Max Supply – 2000

BAKOO ORDINARY is utilizing INSCRIBE NOW to inscribe the collection, a trusted third-party website. It’s a secure platform that doesn’t require wallet connection.

If you’re familiar with INSCRIBE NOW, simply click the button below to go to the mint page, if not, a step-by-step guide is available just by scrolling down.

Or Click HERE

How to mint


Create a wallet compatible with Bitcoin and send funds to it. 


On the mint page choose the quantity you would like to mint and press MINT 




Choose the Fee Rate or just leave standart, paste the wallet you want to receive the inscription on the box ” Receiving Address:” and press CONTINUE TO PAYMENT


To finish the mint, send the exactly total amount (Mint + Inscription) to the address indicated on the page. After payment you should receive your BAKOO ORDINARY inscriptions on your wallet after couple of minutes depending on the block execution.

** the address on the picture bellow is only an example, you should use the address indicated on the official mint page **

No need to scroll up to mint 
You just have another button here, so…

Or Click HERE

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